The part of every RPG video game that I struggle with the most is character creation. Determining my character’s build and attributes is way more stressful for me than is probably healthy. It is especially stressful when you don’t know the short-term and long-term implications of the decisions you’re making. The difficulty and potential of the game depend on these split-second, uninformed decisions.

In a lot of ways that is what my entire life has felt like. I have been clicking around the character creation screen unable to decide on my character settings and in the meantime I have let precious time slip by that could have been used to actually play the game.

The difference between video games and real life is repeatability. If you become unsatisfied with your character at any point in the game then you have the ability to start over. In real life you have one play-through. If you get through sixty years of gameplay and realize that you have not played the game right you do not get to hit the reset button. You just die.


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