Here are the 2018 Oscar Nominations for Best Picture (for the casual movie goer):

Blade Runner: 2049

Fans of the Blade Runner series have been calling this film a disappointment. People who have never been exposed to the series have been calling this film confusing. Not only has this film started a dialogue, but the conflicting opinions prove that it is just too high-concept to understand; a true sign of an Oscar nominee.

Thor: Ragnarok

What do you get when you take a superhero and rid them of both their physical and supernatural identities? The answer: a thought provoking look at man’s struggle with his sense of self in an increasingly unfamiliar and violent world. Be sure to watch for a Best Supporting Actor nod for Jeff Goldblum as well.


To address the elephant in the room, this movie did in fact come out in 2016. However, it was released to Netflix in 2017. This animated, cultural homage to native Hawaiians just barely meets the deadline, but has all the makings of an Oscar contender. Like any Oscar-worthy film, people sang praises of Moana, but did not actually get around to seeing it until months later.

The Disaster Artist

The only thing more ironic than a fan base sarcastically praising an objectively terrible movie for almost 15 years is a silver screen adaptation of the failed director’s ex-best friend’s tell-all book going on to gross 24.8 million dollars (13,000 times the box office haul of the source material), not to mention winning a Golden Globe for another actor’s portrayal of said failed director.

A Bad Mom’s Christmas

Set in Chicago. Strong, star-studded female cast. Heart wrenching and diverse socio-economic, platonic, and familial relationships. This film checks just about every box on the Oscar wish list this holiday season.


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